"This is a place on that internet machine of yours which tells you about this SILVERY thing. Yes."




The brand new third SILVERY album 'Etiquette' was released on Monday 19th August.


It is still available on our Bandcamp page HERE along with our previous 2 albums.


'Etiquette' contains 14 brand new songs recorded 2012 - 13, including recent live faves like 'Shimmy Shimmy', the legendary unreleased 'Thunderer & Excelsior' title track, and even one of the earliest Silvery songs yet recorded - the classic 'The Charge Of The Light Brigade'. It's really good.



Started recording some more stuff. Look out for a new remix coming out soon (our first for another artist) and continued showings of the Channel 4 short film 'Gelato Go Home!' which we did the music for.



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Everything is going to be OK.